After a traumatic event, it is normal to feel distressed. Trouble sleeping, nightmares and irritability are all common responses. You may feel numb. Even though you are safe in the present, you may respond emotionally and physically as if you are not. Trauma often triggers feelings of self-doubt, anxiety, depression and despair. Traumatic events can affect your relationship with yourself and with others. Family and friends may not know how to respond, which can lead you to feel alone. You may not feel safe and you may have difficulty trusting others which can further lead to isolation.

Psychotherapy can help you gain relief from the symptoms of trauma. Therapy can help you process your memories in a way that is more tolerable and causes less emotional distress. While you cannot change what has happened, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help you learn new skills to manage your emotional response, respond to triggers and develop healthy relationships. The skills taught when treating trauma include relaxation skills, how to regulate your emotions, and how to evaluate your thoughts about yourself and the situation.